Original Art and Artwear by Debbie Lim

Artwear Like NO Other!

The Clothes are Comfortable and the Art is Original. One of a kind… Just like you! Check them out there:

Yoga Mats with Yoga Bag

You will be the only one in class to have a yoga mat designed by a local artist! The artwork is original, just like YOU!

There is a video at this link showing off the “Tiger in Water” Mat!  Check it out!

Original Tote Bags & Accessories

Carry your things in these cool totes made your way (you have options on how you want the tote made). Why not throw in an original carry-all bag or cosmetic bag?  No one else will have them. so strut your stuff Ms. Thang! Check them out there:

Feng Shui Art Prints

Debbie Lim is known for her Feng Shui Art Prints! On the back of each print, you will have the directions of where to hang them, what frame to use, and what the meaning of the print is. She also uses some of her Feng Shui Art in her Artwear!  Did you see her Dragon Yoga Pants?

More Original Art Prints, etc.

Debbie Lim continues to give us more of her creativity! She offers more prints and her art is now on stationary, blank greeting cards, blank journals and more! 

Men's Artwear

Debbie haven’t forgotten about you!  She has one t-shirt to offer to you so far…. An all-over dragon tee…. Available for the bigger dudes out there too!  (It can be worn by the Ladies too! We won’t tell anyone)

About The Artist

I am an artist. I love movement. I do not like a still room. If it must be still, a goldfish in a bowl or a wind chime must be in that room.  Everything I see, I see color and everything  has meaning and is useful. We all have our purpose. I could hold a camera or sketch with a pencil. I could use a paint brush to make a stroke. That doesn’t define me or does it?

I love color, but I wear black a lot. Does that mean I want to hide myself from the world or does that mean I am a blank canvas waiting to see what the world wants to show me? I could be a shadow in the dark and exploding with so much color from within. I am ME and you are YOU.  I want my art to be part of you. I want it to bring us together. Make it personable.                       
                                      Debbie Lim