Hi and welcome! You will find a small sample of my photography here for almost three decades.  I mainly do individual, group, corporation, and head shots. I also take couples and family shots. 99% of my shoots are on location and outside. I am excellent at composition (because of my art background) and I have extensive experience at staging the scene and prepping the talent. If editing is needed, I am very good with that too.

For years, I also provide empowerment for women through intimate portraits on the art of boudoir photography. Photos will be available soon.

The photos above and below are samples of a few of my favorite shots I took throughout the years. 

The best way to show you my photography is through my Instagram Feed!  Below, I have my Instagram Feed of Photos that I currently took.  Most of the photos were taken in my Backyard and you will see how much I LOVE wildlife! You will get a feel of who I am from my work below.  Please click the “Follow on Instagram” (Blue Button below) to keep up with me, because I do post a lot!  Oakland County featured me one day on their social media! How cool is that!  (FYI: The photos with the “zoo animals” were VERY interesting to take. There were literally 2 to 4 layers of fencing that I had to shoot through!)  

If you would like to schedule a photo shoot with me, this link will take you to my price list.  I do have prices that are not listed at this page (mini sessions, etc), so contact me and let me know your thoughts of what you would like and we will take it from there!

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