Hi and welcome! You will find a selection of my photographs here. For almost three decades, I was mainly hired for individual, group/family/senior, corporation, and head shots.  Most of my photo shoots are on location and outside. I am excellent at composition (because of my art background) and I have extensive experience at staging the scene and prepping the talent. If editing is needed, I am very good with that too.  Since the late 1980’s, I also provide empowerment for women through intimate portraits on the art of boudoir photography. (Photos will be available soon.)

Presently I am fascinated with wildlife and you will see mostly wildlife in this Photo Journal. Wildlife is part of my art and it is a passion for me to create and use for my Feng Shui series and for my clients that purchases my wildlife artwork.

If you would like to schedule a photo shoot with me, this link will take you to my price list.  I do have mini flash sessions, so make sure to check back often.

Please note: All of  the art and photos at this website are All Rights Reserved and Copyrighted by Debbie Lim. All photos are the property of Debbie Lim and cannot be reproduced in any way, shape, or form, unless a written request is made and approved.  I share my work with you in great hopes that you enjoy the view, this website and learn more about art and wildlife.  Thank you for visiting me and my work!

Make sure to click on the photos for a larger view.  Thank you for viewing. Leave a comment below if you wish to. Please note:  The resolution is low in these photos. The prints and originals are in high resolution. All Rights Reserved.

2020 – Photos throughout this crazy year and mostly from our deck and back-front yard….  Since we had to quarantine in our homes for over 3 months because of this horrible COVID-19 Virus, I worked from home and after work, I took the opportunity to take photos from the inside of my home or on our property.  Most of the 2020 photos that I have here are from standing in our living room or hanging out of the window in the dining room!  This was the first year that we had SO MANY rare and beautiful birds visit us.  

Summer 2019 – Oh boy do I have MANY to share with you!!!  These are only a few of my favorites! Check back for more – I promise I have MANY more to share of different subjects!  My goal this summer was to capture baby birds, get better at flight shots, and to have you feel the energy in my photos…. I hope I succeeded…

Spring 2019 – I wanted to share some of my bird photos with you. It IS bird season!  I have so many bird photos, they are best viewed at my Facebook Art and Photo Page. I hope you like the ones that I chose for you to view here!

3.29.2019 – A friend of mine was the first one to tell me about the Ospreys!  I never heard of them nor ever saw one before…. until now.  My friend is good to me and I am very happy to know someone who is not selfish and is very helpful! He is also a great photographer!

First you will see a plastic garbage can cover on the man-made nest. The park did this so that other birds could not claim this spot as their nest, because it is always reserved for the Ospreys! Pretty cool I think! After I left the park, they took the cover off and now the Ospreys are finally making their nest!
Well…. Before the female came, the male ate two fish before “presenting her with a fish”. However, he kept teasing her with the fish and NEVER let her nibble on it! MEANIE!

After “he got what he wanted”, he STILL TOOK THE DANG FISH and flew around with it!  Let the pictures speak for themselves! LOL

3.27.2019 – I’ve had FIFTEEN (15!!) “Photo Sessions” with this beautiful Albino Doe I call “Ms. Spirit Princess” and finally got her in the sunrise!!!!!!  These photos (like the rest of my art and photos) are NOT edited from its original shot. The sunrise looks like fire behind her…. What a beautiful site and I feel SO BLESSED to have this opportunity to be with this amazing creature! 

3.26.2019 – Just look outside your window and you will find a lot of beauty to be thankful for! The sun was warm and it made the birds (and squirrels LOL) happy on this day. I am so happy I captured it to share with you!

3.24.2019 – It was a bird-type-of-day for me.  Beauty and grace from God’s hand and giving us the beauty of it all!

3.23.2019 – Backyard Family…. There were so many deer in our backyard that I could not fit them all in one picture.  I wasn’t sure if they all knew me, but it made me feel good that they didn’t run from me

The Captions on these photos are long, please excuse me for this…. This was the only way I could tell what was happening in these photos! LOL

3.22.2019 – This was our last visit to the owls. The word got out and it was turning into a zoo every evening! Everyone wanted that perfect “flight shot of the babies”. I heard it was so bad that the parents took their owlets and flew away to a safer place!   People were camping out and would not leave them alone. Going there for a short time and leaving should have been the rule, but no one respected them.  This happened to a set of Screech Owls in another city too. 🙁

By the way, 3.22.2019 – I HAD to add this little Dude Squirrel! He just sat there looking at me and wanted his picture taken! I swear he was trying to tell me, “Why are these owls in my yard? They just killed a few of my friends (one dead squirrel was laying under the tree next to him). Please tell them to leave! I am afraid…”

3.21.2019 – I had to add a few photos of the lovely ducks that I saw! They are all starting to migrate here! Yeppie! It is finally spring! 

3.13.2019 – Blue Herons:  They are making their way to Michigan!  I found these in our “Secret Garden”. I took Donna out for a coffee-lunch break and I saw a HUGE bird fly by. I asked her to watch it and we followed it to our secret place! They are so beautiful and setting up their nests for the babies!

3.3.2019 – Great Horned Owl Family – Washtenaw County – Seeing this Great Horned Owl Family was truly amazing!  This was our first time seeing them in the wild. 
2.22.2019 – Ms.Spirit Princess (Albino Doe) and the Eagles at their nest!  What a wonderful day today! I spent six hours with the wildlife today. Around 900 photos and very happy with the results. The ones of the nest were somewhat blurry, but I am happy and proud that I was able to capture what I did!! As for my little Ms. Spirit Princess…. She must have been a bad girl today….. her mommy was literally mad at her! LOL That was hard to watch!
2.20.2019 – Cedar Waxwing and Blue Heron:  I am SO excited to share this series with you! I had to get my work done to hurry up and post these before class!!!!! I NEVER saw Cedar Waxwing Birds and there must have been 50 to 75 of them! It was amazing and the best feeling to see so many beautiful birds!!!  I also saw my first  Blue Huron of the year (strange because it was so cold out and he looked miserable). He was hunting for fish and caught one right in front of me! This was SO awesome! Freezing cold out, but awesome! These photos are NOT edited for their color – that IS their real color! I am on Cloud 9! 🙂

2.14.2019 – I had to post a few pictures of this Cooper’s Hawk that landed in our front yard, because I NEVER saw Hawk eyes like this before! In some of the pictures, with the sun hitting him a certain way, you will see what I am talking about! Sorry about the branches in these shots… I wanted to concentrate on his eyes AND I am pretty sure I could not ask him to move for me! LOL FYI, In 99.99% of shooting, it is hand-held, manual setting,with no flash.

2.5.2019 – What a GREAT morning! I was able to shoot these eagles  ALL before work!  I will let the photos of these eagles speak for themselves… Lets just say they starting yelling at each other…. they made-up… and then he flew to the lake (ice) with a strange look on his face, or looking at the fish that he cannot get to? lol

2.2.2019 – So many things going on at once at this park today! I just wish the eagles were closer in… There were AT LEAST 10-11 eagles and they were just too far for me to get a great shot…. This is one of the most beautiful spots we’ve been to so far. 

1.28.2019 – Dark Eyed Junco – Winter Lovers!  The are the most commons birds and sometimes we hardly notice them.  They love to nest and eat their seeds lower to the ground.  If you see a Junco, be sure to say hello and enjoy their presence because when it starts to warm up they will be heading North in search of cooler regions.  We are enjoying them while they are here! Beautiful adorable little birds.
Front Yard Family 🙂

1.26.2019 – I ended up going to two parks on this day.  It was sad to see how the birds were trying their best to “live” with the extreme cold weather that we’ve been having.  Most of them flew south, but some of them stayed behind.  The Male Cardinal was in a tree in my front yard.  The ducks were in a stream that had a very small part that gave them some water… “Spa Day”.  The Swans were on a lake (Kensington) and tried to stay warm by laying close to one another. 

1.19.2019 – I enjoyed my walk at the park again.  By putting my journal online, it looks like I am out taking photos almost every day! LOL I promise, I DO work and teach classes! LOL
Heritage Park

1.13.2019 – I never knew there was so much to see right in our own city! This is awesome!
I cannot wait until the spring to capture all the wildlife!
Heritage Park

1.12.2019 – This was the last time I saw the Wood Duck 🙁   I am so happy I took a lot of pictures of him.  The weather forced 99% of the ducks to move away for the winter.  He reminded me of a Mandarin Duck.  I just hope when they all come back in the spring that he will be with them and have a mate!

1.9.2019 – I love that I don’t really have to go to any park, (unless I want to see Ms. Spirit Princess – the Albino Doe I do). I am able to capture SO MUCH from my home – the front and backyard!
Backyard Family

1.8.2019 – I was taking my camera in for repairs, (ended up sending it back to Canon that afternoon) and took these shots with a broken camera!  This was luck and I was SO excited to get these shots! All from a busy room and outside of a building! 
Downtown Farmington

1.6.2019 – Practice, Practice, Practice!  I will get the eagles crisp and clear in my photos soon! LOL
Kensington Park, Milford

1.5.2019 – Nino and I found this beautiful place by accident. These photos (as well as the others) were not edited from their original files – Some I do edit the contrast, light and crop for easier viewing, but I try my best to keep all my files as natural as possible.
Crosswinds Marsh

1.4.2019 – Kensington Park, Milford

I am a little late in getting my journal going… but not that late – I will start this journal with my thoughts, photos, and art this year 2019!

Where did 2017 go?  How is it that we are already into the middle of second month of 2018?

I have mixed emotions about life lately. When I think of a “Bucket List”, I try to think of what I would like to add to it.  I know that I am blessed with my health (so far).  I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy family and so grateful of having such loving and awesome dogs (and cats) in our family!

I am grateful for our students and patients that we see every week. I continue to pray that all will be well and another day will have all of us safe and healthy.

Tony have been heavy on my mind lately.  I cannot believe it already has been one year and almost two months since we lost him. I was there for Tony’s last breath and it still pains me to know that my brother is gone at such a young age.  I cannot shake the image or feeling that I get when I was with him almost every week of his 2.5 years of treatment, to see a strong, brat-of-a-man dissolve into a frail man.  I miss Tony so much.  Sometimes I think about how important it was for Tony to leave his “wife ” and son independently wealthy, that at the end, the “wife” turned into a Black Widow!  Oh what drama Tony left behind.  It is sad that we will never see our nephew again or that he will never know the real truth of what his mother did.

Photo: My twin sister, Donna/right and brother, Tony. The top photo is of the day he told us he had Stage 4 Cancer.  The bottom photo was at the last gig Tony went with us.  (Nino is in a few bands and Tony wanted to go to this gig so bad.  We could tell Tony was getting weaker and lost more weight at that point.

Time is standing still for you Tone-Bone!  Now Donna and I are older than you by a few months!  Give me some signs that you are around and with mom.  I miss mom too.  I love you both.

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