A Gift from a Hawk

I hardly did any work today, (Shame on ME!)…. It was just one of those days. So, I decided to take one hour and check on a baby owl and take a few pictures, before heading to the gym. I saw the baby owl and then went to another place to see if any birds were out. Of course with the cloudy day and rain, hardly any birds were out.
I saw a bluebird and took a picture of it, but it was the backside and wasn’t worth posting. Far down the field, I saw something that looked like a plastic white bag hanging on the trees. I looked into my lens to see what it was and it was a beautiful white and beige hawk! It was too far for me to tell what type it was.
I had the wrong camera on me. My car wasn’t too far, so I decided to run and get my best camera. When I ran back, the hawk was flying to a tree CLOSER TO ME! I was pleased with that, so I took a few shots, (He was in the first tree in the first two photos below). He then started flying (next photo – 3rd one) into ANOTHER TREE CLOSER TO ME!!!!  (The photo above – I took when he was right in front of me, the tree he flew closer to me.) In fact, later on, I was so close, I actually took more pictures from inside of the car….. Anyways………………
He was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME posing! All of a sudden something white flew at my face. I immediately slapped it away from my face and looked down and saw that it was a large feather laying on my shoes!!! (Feather picture below)
I looked up and the hawk was watching everything I was doing! I was afraid he was going to fly away, so I started shooting more pictures of him.
I decided to pick up the feather and check it out and wonder how did this feather land on me? From where? I threw it back on to the grass behind me. The hawk was watching me and now the feather! I thought he was going to fly and grab the feather!!!
I drove home after the gym and decided to check out the pictures. I realized in disbelief that feather was from the HAWK!!!!!! I kept going through all of the photos and sure enough, it was one of HIS feathers!
Of course I looked up the meaning “What does it mean when a hawk feather lands on you…….” Most are about finding a feather…. My feather flew into my face and landed on my shoes….
I told my twin, Donna about this and she told me to go back and get the feather NOW! I said, “It won’t be there anymore…. too many children were there…. it was windy most of the day…..” I decided to drop everything and I drove back in rush hour and prayed that the feather would still be there!!! IT WAS! IT WAS IN THE SAME, EXACT SPOT I threw it! In fact, a lady walked by it with her dog, two joggers, and another lady walked by it…. It was waiting for ME to go back and get it!
The feather is white and have beige/brown in it. This is what I found so far:
WhiteA reminder to keep the faith, you’re supported and protected by angels. Can also be a sign that your loved ones in Heaven are well, and have successfully crossed over into the spirit realms. I have to admit, this is really making me cry with joy for Mom and Tony.
BrownSignify grounding, home life, and stability. There is an energy of respect, grounded positive, and balance between physical and spiritual.
Pretty deep. I also read it is a gift from heaven. A message.
If anyone would like to comment on this, please feel free to! 
OHHHH…. I just realized I had a video of this hawk too! I was in the car when I recorded it. It is short, but you will be able to tell how windy it was that evening.
Update:  I had to take the feather back by law…… 🙁

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