About The Artist

I am an artist. I love movement. I do not like a still room. If it must be still, a goldfish in a bowl or a wind chime must be in that room.  Everything I see, I see color and everything  has meaning and is useful. We all have our purpose. I could hold a camera or sketch with a pencil. I could use a paint brush to make a stroke. That doesn’t define me or does it?

I love color, but I wear black a lot. Does that mean I want to hide myself from the world or does that mean I am a blank canvas waiting to see what the world wants to show me? I could be a shadow in the dark and exploding with so much color from within. I am ME and you are YOU.  I want my art to be part of you. I want it to bring us together. Make it personable.                       
                                      Debbie Lim