You may have reached this page if you are searching for more details about Feng Shui.  Most likely you already know something about Feng Shui and how it can benefit your life.  In summary, Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is the ancient Chinese study of the law and order of the natural environment. It teaches how location and the flow of “chi” energy in your surroundings affect your emotions, health, relationships, finances, and success.   I create Feng Shui Art for your home or work to create harmony and enhance positive energy.  My Feng Shui Art may help make you more productive, calm and happy. 

Feng Shui has been “practiced” in my family for generations.  Unfortunately, I was not raised under the Chinese side of my family and somehow I have this practice flowing in my bloodline. I had the help of my father when he visited me to learn more about Feng Shui, along with my intense studies for decades.

When my Grandmother Lim passed away (in China), my father gave her a Feng Shui farewell.  The photos of my Grandmother’s Feng Shui Memorial are below.  The celebration of her life happened exactly one year after her death.  It took my father a very long time to find the perfect place for her final resting place.  He had this huge memorial built for her.

Link to my Feng Shui Art Prints and other Art/Photos for sale right at this Website  
Below are my prints for sale at eBay (The price is the same, but I took into consideration the shipping cost and changed it to reflect that):

Link to 5×7 Dragon-Head Turtle  |  Link to 8×10 Dragon-Head Turtle

Link to 5×7 “Elephant with Baby”  |  Link to 8×10 “Elephant with Baby”

Link to 8×10 Mandarin Ducks  |  Link to 5×7 “Mandarin Ducks”

Link to 8×10 “Nine Fish”  |  Link to 5×7 “Nine Fish”

Link to 8×10 “Red Phoenix w/ Dragons Background”  |  Link to 5×7 Red Phoenix w/ Dragons Background

Link to 8×10“White Tiger”  |  Link to 5×7 “White Tiger”

Link to 8×10 “White Tiger with Green Dragon Background”  |  Link to 5×7 “White Tiger with Green Dragon Background”

Below is a short video of my actual work that I am preparing for my customers and workshop.