You will be working with my twin sister, Donna and I in your session. Donna and I have had many years of experience working with women to get that pose just right…. We promise to make you feel comfortable and it will be fun and something you will always remember. These sessions should be in a safe atmosphere that you are comfortable in. e.g., in your choice of location (maybe your own space, a beautiful hotel room, even outdoors). Sometimes this type of session can feel very intimidating, but we will make sure you will feel relaxed, even if we have to do some yoga breathing 🙂 Oh and Guess what… No modeling experience is necessary!

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Preparations for your boudoir session should start well before the day of the photo shoot.

  • You have to think of what type of photos you are planning… Are these photos going to be in a private collection for your loved one or for yourself, or are you thinking about making a statement by hanging a few for all to see? Either way, having a theme is very important.
  • You don’t have to take your clothes off to be sexy. Clothed, partially clothed, hinted nudity and fully nude can all be sexy.
  • When we plan your session, let us know what you want and are comfortable showing in your portraits.
  • We promise to keep the parts you want hidden to stay hidden.


  • Part of the fun of preparing for a boudoir photography shoot is planning the wardrobe!
  • When putting your outfits together for your shoot, make sure that whatever you choose, it should be something that you feel comfortable in, because it will show in your face and body language if your wardrobe is uncomfortable.
  • When deciding on your wardrobe, make sure that you choose pieces that fit properly, are clean (preferably new), and reflect your style.
  • On the day of your session, please make sure your wardrobe is free from wrinkles and ready to wear. 

Remember, boudoir photography isn’t about your age or body type, it’s all about attitude! Allow my artistic eye to help you emphasize your best assets while disguising the parts of you that you’re self-conscious about. Most women (myself included!) don’t have bodies like a super model, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have gorgeous, sexy photos as well.

Communication is extremely important between you and me. The level of comfort and trust between us is often readily evident in the final images.

Are you ready to create the most beautiful portraits of YOU?

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Coming Soon!