Where did 2017 go?  How is it that we are already into the middle of second month of 2018? I have mixed emotions about life lately. When I think of a “Bucket List”, I try to think of what I would like to add to it.  I know that I am blessed with my health (so far).  I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy family and so grateful of having such loving and awesome dogs (and cats) in our family! I am grateful for our students and patients that we see every week. I continue to pray that all will be well and another day will have all of us safe and healthy. Tony have been heavy on my mind lately.  I cannot believe it already has been one year and almost two months since we lost him. I was there for Tony’s last breath and it still pains me to know that my brother is gone at such a young age.  I cannot shake the image or feeling that I get when I was with him almost every week of his 2.5 years of treatment, to see a strong, brat-of-a-man dissolve into a frail man.  I miss Tony so much.  Sometimes I think about how important it was for Tony to leave his “wife ” and son independently wealthy, that at the end, the “wife” turned into a Black Widow!  Oh what drama Tony left behind.  It is sad that we will never see our nephew again or that he will never know the real truth of what his mother did. Photo: My twin sister, Donna/right and brother, Tony. The top photo is of the day he told us he had Stage 4 Cancer.  The bottom photo was at the last gig Tony went with us.  (Nino is in a few bands and Tony wanted to go to this gig so bad.  We could tell Tony was getting weaker and lost more weight at that point. Time is standing still for you Tone-Bone!  Now Donna and I are older than you by a few months!  Give me some signs that you are around and with mom.  I miss mom too.  I love you both.