January 2020  One of the local Artist Featured on a new Gallary website:  KickStart!
 KickstART Article January 22, 2020


I was offered to be part of the “Michigan Holiday Market”.  Artists were chosen to participate in selling their artwork here.
COSTICK CENTER, Farmington Hills, MI

I want to thank my twin, Donna for always being there for me and being my biggest promoter for my art.
Our first EVER art “booth” (not sure what it is called), was a huge success! Many of the framed work has been sold, many prints and my favorite piece, the metal Dragon are now all in new homes/offices!
Thank you to Nino and David for putting up the display stand. Family is everything, no matter what. Thank you to my friends that saw the promotion on Facebook and came up to visit too!! I feel so blessed.
(Most of these photos were taken before they open the doors to the public)

SOLO ART GALLERY SHOW (JUNE 10 – JULY 5, 2019) was a success!
to the City of Farmington Hills for giving me this great opportunity!  THANK YOU to my twin sister, Donna for being there for me and taking care of all of the business!  THANK YOU to everyone that attended the show!

Solo Art Show
City of Farmington Hills, Costick Center Gallery
Tuesday, JUNE 18, 2019

The Art Reception was a great success and I give the credit to my twin sister Donna for keeping everything organized and for keeping me on my toes! LOL   I also want to give Karla D. Aren from the Cultural Arts Division Special Services Department a HUGE THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity that no one else would have given me. She believed in my work and she was the reason why I was there AND have a piece at the city hall!  

The photos below are of some of the wonderful people that took time out of their busy schedules to be part of my special event, (Tuesday, June 18, 2019). I am honored and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. Of course with my doubt in myself, I was so nervous that I would be standing there alone, but the room was full of wonderful friends, family and others that wanted to learn more about my work! 

 Thank you from the TOP and bottom of my heart.  I am forever grateful.  The show is still going until Friday July 5, 2019 (One day before my birthday!!!).  I hope those of you that did not come to the Reception, will still visit the show during business hours at the Costick Gallery.

June 10,2019 – July 5,2019 | 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
(During Business Hours, you may walk-in and go to the Gallery at any time!)
Solo Art Show

City of Farmington Hills, Costick Center Gallery
Tuesday, JUNE 18, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Light Refreshments will be Served

I was asked by the city if I wanted a solo art show and I immediately said “YES”!  I decided to have more in my show than Feng Shui.  Not only will I have my Feng Shui Work, I made a Feng Shui Mobile and I will be adding a VERY large painting that I painted a few years ago. I feel this painting works into my Feng Shui and wildlife theme.  I will also have a few of my photography that correlates with the meaning of Feng Shui. 
PLEASE join me at the Opening Reception on Tuesday, June 18th. I will give a short talk on my artwork and the city also wanted me to share a little about my life and how I use art for my own “sanity”  This will be interesting…. LOL

Grosse Pointe Art Fair/ Grosse Pointe Yacht Club 
I was accepted (by invitation only) into this Art Fair, but unfortunately I have to pass on it. 🙁   This Art Fair will be the weekend of May 18-19th and I heard it has a wonderful Boating Festival. 

Artist Reception 2019-2020

I decided to enter a few of my artwork to be included in the City of Farmington Hills Two-Year Exhibit….. I thought for sure I would not make it, because it was my first time trying, but I thought “Why not try?!”
“…On behalf of the City of Farmington Hills, we want to thank you for responding to our Call for Artists and submitting images of your work for consideration for the 2019|2020 Public Art Program.  The call received an outstanding response, with over 350 works of art submitted for consideration. I am pleased to inform you that one or more of your works was ACCEPTED for inclusion in the 2019|2020 exhibition…”
Below are a few photos from the Reception. I wish more photos were taken for this too – My daughters were there and I missed getting their pictures twice now!

Art Is In Market Novi, December 15, 2018

I was invited by one of the  Store Owners that rent space from “Art is in Market” to be one of their featured artist and of course I said YES!  On December 15, 2018, I had a three hour time-frame to visit with people and hopefully these people would like my work.  I was lovingly surprised to see a few of my special friends come out and visit me and most of them purchased a piece of art from me!  The pictures below are from the show (too bad Donna, Tatiana and some others were not in the photos) and it was a success!  Around 24 prints/Accessories Pieces with MY art on them sold! I was told by the them that, “I would be lucky to sell one and do not get your hopes up…”. In fact, she warned me a few times.  (Little did she know, I never get my hopes up for anything that involves ME! LOL)