Welcome to my Art Page! 

Hello, I am Debbie Lim, a self-taught artist, born in Detroit, Michigan USA. On the personal side, I had a very hard childhood, having only my art (and my siblings). My art was my "way out" to escape reality. My twin sister and I were "aged out of the foster-care" system, turning shy of our 16th birthday. Art was the only thing in my life that gave me stability. In the 1980’s, I started designing clothes under the label “LaShong”. My clothes were used on a local TV show and one movie. My clothes were also sold at a few local malls and I had well over 200 fashion shows during this time. In addition, I had been commissioned by a local college to paint large canvas sports figures and I painted wildlife for collectors out of state. While wildlife is my passion to paint, I recently discovered colored pencils art and now is fascinated with working with the media creating any type of subjects! Now I am able to create art anywhere with colored pencils, (and not wait for the paint to dry or clean up after each "sitting"). Currently I am using my Chinese family background of Feng Shui work and working on a few series of original artwork that correlates to the classic Feng Shui methods. (Feng Shui is the use of energy “chi” to harmonize individuals with their surrounding home and office environment.) In addition to my art, for over three decades, I am also a professional photographer and teach fitness.
Below are a few step-by-step samples that I like to share with my clients and other artists. I used Reference Photos of Facebook Friends (as shown) or just wanted to sketch a wild tiger... Click on a photo to view it larger. Thank you for your time. I would love to hear from you... Leave me a comment (below the photos). Thank you for viewing!