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I have been an artist most of my life, (as a professional artist and photographer for 30+ years). In the early to the late 1980's, I designed clothes. My clothes were sold in two local malls, used on a dance show "Stars of Tomorrow", and in a movie with Jay Leno and Pat Morita I have been commissioned to do large paintings for private Collectors and businesses. My favorite (used to be) working with acrylic paints . However, lately I have been in love with working with colored pencils! Lately I have been extremely busy with my sketches and smaller size commissioned work. I feel very blessed and honored that people like my work! I do sell prints of my work, especially my wildlife and my new Feng Shui Series is getting pretty popular these days too! Sometimes I do offer the original art for sale, so if you are interested, please contact me. Below are some samples of my artwork. You are able to see a lot more at my Facebook Art Page. Most of my work that I have there show me sketching them "Step-by-Step". Below I am showing a step-by-step sample of my work from the beginning to the final result.... I did this piece for the Orangutan Foundation -International Australia. They used it in a fundraiser and it was the first prize!
Do you want to see more? Below the Orangutan are a few more samples of my work throughout the years... Some have some pretty cool stories to them, (like the one I did of Grant Hill.... I sketched that overnight because I heard he was coming into the area to sign autographs... I surprised my son and kept him out of school by taking him to see Grant Hill and I asked Grant Hill to sign my sketch!!! Grant Hill thought I was giving it to him, but I took it back and said, "sorry this is for my son" 🙂 (Click on a photo to view it larger - Some Photos have Captions underneath.)

I would love to hear from you... Leave me a comment (below the photos). Thank you for viewing!

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