Thank you for your interest in my Art. You are able to purchase two sizes: An 8×10 print in an 11×14 mat for only $29.00 (plus shipping) or a 5×7 print in an 8×10 mat for only $19.00 (plus shipping).  I also have other sizes available.

Feng Shui Prints: This is the first series for my Feng Shui Art. On the back of the artwork, you will know the meaning of the art. There will also be instructions of where to place your Feng Shui Art and what type of frame to purchase, (the frame will be very important, so please purchase the type of frame as instructed). Your print will be numbered. However, the number 4 or the number 7 will not be used in any of my Feng Shui art. These numbers are bad luck in Feng Shui. Each piece will be stamped and signed by me. You may also see some of my work under different categories. For some of my original work, I will create the art in different colors or positions, creating a new meaning to the piece and according to the Feng Shui principle. 

I add Feng Shui Prints and my other artwork daily. Once I am satisfied with the art, I will post the prints for sale. Please note, all of my artwork is created on paper. So, the time frame to complete my work depends on how fast I can draw and how much time I have. Once the piece has been created, I am able to do more with it, but keep the original “as is”. 🙂 
To protect my art and knowledge in Feng Shui, you will have detailed information on the back of your art… I will not include all of the details here. I will only include the “Purpose Only”.

For All my Prints Below:  For security reasons, my art shown below are in low resolution and has a watermark on it. Your print will be in high resolution, without the watermark. You will receive it via snail mail. 

FOR ORDERS PLACED ONLINE – USE “fengshui” code for 10% off your order! Deadline: April 30, 2018

Your shopping Cart will show up at the bottom of this page. After you place your order, your order will be processed and should arrive to you within 5 days or less (depending on where you live). I will send you a tracking number so that you could keep track of its progress! 
If an art print is sold out, you can still order it, however, it may take up to 12 days longer for you to receive the print. 
 **If you know me and live near me, let me know which print you are interested in and we could handle the deal in person.**
If you would like to see a 2 minute video of the actual art, please visit this link.

More Artwork coming! Some favorites and requests are being made now!

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