For All my Prints Below:  For security reasons, my art shown below are in low resolution and has a watermark on it. Your print will be in high resolution, without the watermark. You will receive it via snail mail. 

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Your shopping Cart will show up at the bottom of this page. After you place your order, your order will be processed and should arrive to you within 5 days or less (depending on where you live). I will send you a tracking number so that you could keep track of its progress! 

If an art print is sold out, you can still order it, however, it may take up to 7 days longer for you to receive the print. 
 **If you know me and live near me, let me know which print you are interested in and we could handle the deal in person.**
If you would like to see a 2 minute video of the actual art, please visit this link.

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