My Love for Animals…

I LOVE MY dogs and our outdoor family. I have two beautiful Yorkies. In fact, my little Baby girl is turning ten years old tomorrow!  I cannot believe Baby is now TEN!  She is such a perfect little darling. Both of my babies are quiet and house-trained.  They love it when we go for our walks… of course Baby is a little overweight, so she cannot walk that far.  We do bring a dog-stroller when we walk. Imagine having little two inch legs – one block would probably feel like one mile for those little legs!! LOL  My “grandpuppies come over often too!  We have a full house when the three of them come over! They each have such perfect personalities.  Okay…. maybe my grandpuppies are a little loud and hyper, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My entire family are dog and cat lovers. We think of them like human babies. The best thing with Yorkies, they “never grow up”! They look, act, and play like puppies everyday! Of course I do see the white/grayish hair growing around my little boy, Pico’s mouth. It is sad that they cannot jump on the couch or beds like my grandpuppies can anymore.

I feel very blessed to have these little guys in my life. Pico is like a Therapy Dog for me. In fact, I could register him to be legally my therapy dog, but I feel he is too old now to go everywhere with me… he gets a little nervous now and wants to hide in my tote bag. 🙁

As for my outdoor family, we have a few deer families and beautiful, singing birds that visits often. The deer visit us so much that we started feeding them last summer… We saw one of the moms that was very skinny and her bones were very prominent.  Since then, we look forward to having them over. I take that opportunity to get my camera out and photograph them. They are pretty good models!

The photos below were taken this afternoon! By learning more about the deer families, I noticed that they walk in lines, following in each others footsteps! We have their food set out for them close to our house (don’t worry, we spray for ticks all the time). We do not do this everyday, but at least a few times per week we make sure to feed them. The pack today are the same ones that visits… One of the “Triplets” hair is growing kind of wild!?? LOL I wonder what that is all about?? LOL

Along with my precious dogs, the outdoor animals give me peace and I relax and feel happy when I have my camera out, photographing them!  I even had a rare chance to capture a picture of this beautiful “Red Bellied Woodpecker” and a crane flying today (a friend told me what the bird was).

The bottom-line, do something that you feel relaxed about doing and it gives you a good feeling.  I love my art and photography. I love nature and I love the people and animals in my life. For almost four decades, I’ve had a camera in my hand (ask anyone in my family and the FM Team! They will tell you!) Find peace in something that you enjoy… something that will give you a smile….something meaningful

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