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Look Around You
We must believe there are places where tranquility still exists and nature is given back her power to speak...
The Love of Nature
Naturalists are people who love nature in it's original unbridled form with no human interference


This is my safe place.
My place that I can come to and be me.

Would you like to check out some Step-by-Step Artwork samples that I posted? I used Reference Photos of the people in the sketches.  Click here to check it out….

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As with my art, photography is my way to be calm and centered. This is my ZEN.

To view my photography, please visit
My Photo Journal Page.
For privacy purposes, my corporate and clients are not at this page. 

A Gift from a Hawk… Read my Story


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In Response to COVID 19, we are following all State Mandates for ALL Fitness Motivators Indoor Classes.
So far we were told that our January 2021 session will be cancelled in FH.

We hope all of you are keeping yourself and your family safe and take COVID-19 very serious! WEAR YOUR MASK!

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I create Feng Shui Art for your home or work to create harmony and enhance positive energy. My Feng Shui Art may help make you more productive, calm and happy. There is a video of me showing some of the Feng Shui Art that I have been working on.  I do offer my Feng Shui Prints, as well as my Art and Photo Prints for sale at Etsy, eBay and right here at my website.

I make sure my art/photos are within the tradition of Feng Shui. 
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Check out my Etsy Shop that I opened on Memorial Day 2018!   I have Artwear, as well as my art prints at great prices! 
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